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the idea is to put private IPB and system for rejistros by invitation.

Try this app:

huh ??
I don't understand what you mean. may be a translation issue though.

Looks like he wants to have his site be 'invite only' instead of open registration. I can see where this might be necessary at times but not sure it's something that should be a part of the core. Don't get me wrong, it'd be great if this were made an option in the vanilla version of the product since there are many sites that are 'invite only', just I don't see it happening anytime soon.
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oh I see, yeah that would be useful for some for sure.
I have friend on smf that has to stay on it for that reason so has not bought IP cause of that.
I would like that to be a core item along with the other methods already there.

If it were to be added, where it's invite only, I'd say to restrict it to which groups can send invites and how many can be sent per day (and per 30 days) to prevent it from being abused. Then that way, a mod (such as the one I linked to) could override the built in options to provide more control but rely on the built in feature for doing some of the work. Keeps it from being bloated (built in) while not only allowing expandability but also not 'rip off' a 3rd party developer. In fact, might help the 3rd party developer because the invite feature would already be built in.

End users would get the best of both worlds. Lack of bloat for those who don't want it or only want the bare invite feature, while those wanting additional features can purchase the 3rd party app.
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