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Download: (DH33) Sponsors Flip Wall


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File Name: (DH33) Sponsors Flip Wall
File Submitter: Dunhill
File Submitted: 11 Oct 2012
File Category: IP.Content Blocks


Designing and coding a sponsors page is part of the developer’s life (at least the lucky developer’s life, if it is about a personal site of theirs). It, however, follows different rules than those for the other pages of the site. You have to find a way to fit a lot of information and organize it clearly, so that the emphasis is put on your sponsors, and not on other elements of your design.

Sponsors Flip Wall clearly and elegantly adds a sponsors "flip wall" to your website. Upon clicking the sponsor's logo, JQuery will dynamically flip the logo to display a small description and a link to the sponsors website (optional).


  • Please read the detail ReadMe.html file included.
  • Uses built in IPS CSS to match your style!


Click here to download this file
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Got a demo anywhere?

Need to see demo first.

Demo is now available on the product listing page smile.png

pretty cool will it worlk on 3.2.3 if it will i will buy

can u test for me and let me know thanks

does this create a new page for viewing or does it require IP.Content, etc?

The block is for IPC working under 3.2.x to 3.3.x. It may work under previous versions of IPC that have block template, but is untested.

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Update: I have decided to delete the file due to negative feedback on the block. I will develop it further and release it as a hook with proper settings so it easier.

For those that have purchased the block, feel free to contact me for further assistance in setting it up to work in IP.Content. If you read the readme.html, it is self explanatory but if you're new to IP.Content and need further assistance feel free to PM me.

@Mods: please close this topic now.

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