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  1. Update: I have decided to delete the file due to negative feedback on the block. I will develop it further and release it as a hook with proper settings so it easier. For those that have purchased the block, feel free to contact me for further assistance in setting it up to work in IP.Content. If you read the readme.html, it is self explanatory but if you're new to IP.Content and need further assistance feel free to PM me. @Mods: please close this topic now.
  2. Demo is now available on the product listing page The block is for IPC working under 3.2.x to 3.3.x. It may work under previous versions of IPC that have block template, but is untested.
  3. Hi there demo has been up for sometime now :) Replies were sent to the review section of IPS Marketplace.
  4. File Name: (DH33) Sponsors Flip Wall File Submitter: Dunhill File Submitted: 11 Oct 2012 File Category: IP.Content Blocks Designing and coding a sponsors page is part of the developer’s life (at least the lucky developer’s life, if it is about a personal site of theirs). It, however, follows different rules than those for the other pages of the site. You have to find a way to fit a lot of information and organize it clearly, so that the emphasis is put on your sponsors, and not on other elements of your design. Sponsors Flip Wall clearly and elegantly adds a sponsors "flip wall" to your website. Upon clicking the sponsor's logo, JQuery will dynamically flip the logo to display a small description and a link to the sponsors website (optional). Usage Please read the detail ReadMe.html file included. Uses built in IPS CSS to match your style! Screenshots Click here to download this file
  5. Enjoying the rain :)

  6. Unfortunately, I can't see how you could manage this - as you would have to host the files for the skin remotely on a base server to allow access to the skin files. I think, unfortunately, that if you included a feature to register a domain for the skin that the feature would simply be removed when someone pirates your skin. I have no objection to registering my copy of the skin, but I just don't see what purpose it would have if pirates can just remove your validation code.
  7. Wonderful, all fixed :) Thanks for your continued support.
  8. Mile360x has a live example: http://www.gamercards.co/forums
  9. Any chance you could look into the large drop-down box cells issue with IP Content? Note: ignore the spacing between the nav bar, that issue has been fixed. The issue is in regard to the elements of the dropdown box that are hugely spaced out.
  10. Thanks Tom, that would be great :)
  11. How do I disable the "More" drop-down tab so I can troubleshoot whether that is the issue or not? Edit: Okay so by removing the "More" drop-down tab it corrected the issue. Remove: <li id='nav_other_apps' style='display: none'> <a href='#' class='ipbmenu' id='more_apps'>{$this->lang->words['more_apps']} <img src='{$this->settings['img_url']}/useropts_arrow.png' /></a> </li> from globalTemplate Is this option set somewhere? So I don't have to remove that line of code incase their is a skin upgrade?
  12. Unfortunately, not at the moment - all my servers are currently using different themes im afraid. You should get IP.Content 2.3 anyways so that your skins are compatible with it when you design them :smile: Pricey I know :sad: This is Miles360x's board: http://www.gamercards.co/forums/ It shows one of the problems with the heavily padded drop down box for IP.Content "XBox Live" tab. However, for some reason his search is working properly, where as mine is exactly the same as his screenshot. Perhaps its because he doesn't have a "More" tab? As I do have a "More" tab?
  13. So I did a bit of troubleshooting and the menu doesn't have any problems without the IP.Content drop-down menu included. But as soon as you add a IP.Content menu item to the menu, it goes back to Mikes360X screenshot. Sorry I can't post a link as the website is on my local server, not on the net.
  14. Another issue (sorry): - If I disable the search box being hidden underneath the "More" tab, it shows the search box just fine, however it displays the "search options" in the "More" tab still, rather than a button drop-down like it usually is in IPB. Are you able to look at returning the search box to normal if you don't want it in the More tab? Thanks for the support btw, been excellent.
  15. Thanks for the update :) The IP.Content drop-down now displays properly. However, the menu items are still spaced out as per Miles360X screenshot before. I believe it is the "display: block;" in the CSS: #more_apps_menucontent li, .submenu_container li { padding: 0; border: 0; float: none !important; min-width: 150px; } #more_apps_menucontent a, .submenu_container a { display: block; padding: 8px 10px; color: #fff !important; text-shadow: 0px 1px 1px rgba(0,0,0,0.5); } However, if I remove the line its all nice and compact for the menu, but the mouse-over effect only highlights the background of the text, and not that row in the list. Any ideas? I have quite a few items on the menu, so it ends up being too large for the screen :/
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