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  1. I am also having this issue :( running IP Board 3.3.4 with the latest IP Content...
  2. I think I owe everyone and the dev of this hook an appoligy... I have just tried to installed another hook and came across the same error I was having when installing this hook.. It seems to be an error with another hook causing the fault(FORUM ICONS) and nothing to do with this hook.. :).. sorry about the confusion....
  3. Whenever I install any hook I now get the following error : Fatal error: Class 'boardIndexRecentTopics' not found in /home/content/66/8708166/html/FxG_Forums/hooks/dp3_fi_boardsClassActionOverloader_60d891e05fd575a895521f15669f7b00.php on line 17 When I look at the Forum Icons FULL DETAILS I see that this file is associated with this addon... has anyone else had this error or have you seen this before ?? is there a fix for it ?? I am running IP Board 3.3.4 with FORUM ICONS 2.0.1
  4. I actually love the idea and would like to give it a try, but even after uninstalling it is still conflicting with other mods and running an error... the fact that the problem exist even after uninstalling says that this mod is indeed causing the fault and not uninstalling itself properly so in turn I believe it is this MOD that has the problem and needs more testing....
  5. no it runs errors and needs more testing on the install/uninstall end of it and will generate errors on some boards and not others.... ALWAYS BACKUP first !!! I tried to repost as broken but was told all is good, now others are having the same issues I had, cant say i didnt warn you guys...
  6. Im sure it does, please post your site so we can check it out running...
  7. Like i said, tried installing it 3 times and every time in gave me this error for some reason the install file overwrote something in that file and I had to grab it from my backups, im not saying its bad, maybe just has a bug with 3.3.4 installs... and yes i did use the hook unistaller every time and still had the error.... I love the idea and would love to use but I cant :sad: these topics are to report problems and thats what i did !!!! maybe its a compatibily issue that needs to be worked out....
  8. IDK..tried it three times and always got the same error... what version of IP BOARD are you running,I am running 3.3.4
  9. FIXED.. rewrote the file in question with the one I had backed up, anyone looking to install make a backup first !!!!!
  10. installed and got this error : Fatal error: Class 'boardIndexRecentTopics' not found in /home/content/66/8708166/html/FxG_Forums/hooks/dp3_fi_boardsClassActionOverloader_60d891e05fd575a895521f15669f7b00.php on line 17 now my forums wont load...?????
  11. as this just changed to shoutbox(FREE) is there going to be a pay version coming out ??? if so what is it going to offer :) Im suprised it has been free this long to be honest...
  12. This is a paid mod, the least you could do is answer questions and get a live demo working on IPB for us to see...
  13. BUMP !!!! is a timer in the works ?? I would really like to purchase this and that is all im waiting for still :)... any timeline on adding a per question timer defined by us as an option ??
  14. yes it does answer my questions. thanx... As for the time I would love to see a per question timer that would lock it after x amount of time in seconds..... maybe you could setup a vote ?? in reality all im looking for is a way to stop people from just cruizing google for answers and they either know it or not, but would def be purchasing once a timer of any kind is implimented but feel a per question one would work best :smile:
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