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Issues with greek characters


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Hello! I am a happy new owner of a IP.Board licence.

I am trying to make a switch from phpBB

The Converter worked almost fine but the only issue is when I start a new topic or answer another one not all greek characters remain on the post text. The Greek letters α and β change into a and b. Let me show you:


What's going on? I entered on mysql and saw that collation was set latin1, i switched it to utf8_general_ci on all tables. That didn't change the outcome.

on system settings I have UTF-8 encoding set.

What should i do?

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Do be careful changing collation in the database... Do be very very careful... It's not something that can willy nilly be changed.

You are likely on the right track, though. You may need your database charset completely converted.

I used a php script that did that all automatically

But how do I convert the database charset completely? Do I do it from phpmyadmin ?

By the way, not all fields on the forum have this problem. Shoutbox has it and the post body has it. The topic title doesn't... they show up correctly
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