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Linking One Board With Another


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What I'm thinking is:

Say I've got 5 Boards. One is very active, the others I keep closed. Then I open another one up.

Would there be a way to have the members of Board A be auto registered into Board B? It would be good if you could carry their post count and history from Board A onto Board B so for instance, There's no posts on Board B, but said members profile field on Board B reads 'posts: 1647' or however many posts they'd made on Board A.

I've touched on this before a long time ago.

This isn't possible at the present time right?

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I don't think it's possible. You can use IP.Converge, but the only thing it will do is allow members to sign in to either board using the same details. However, they will be completely different membership numbers, different post count, etc.

I read that IPB 3.4 will do without IP.Converge, and have a build it bridge to other sites you wish to link. But I have no idea if what you'd like will be possible then; somehow I doubt it. Maybe you should merge both forums? (But that's a completely different story)

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