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My Notifications Deletion


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I have a suggestion for the next upgrade of IPB. (I am currently running v3.3.4.)

1. On the "My Notifications" page in the user control panel, please move the "tick all" tick box and the "Delete Selected" button adjacent to each other. As you know, the current "tick all" box is at the top of the page, while the "Delete Selected" button is at the bottom of the same page. Don't get me wrong here. I love scrolling up and down hundreds of pages as much as the next guy. But, this would help those who do not. :lol:

2. Again, concerning "My Notifications". Would it be possible to add a "Delete All Notifications" option, for those of us with short memories and end up accruing 2,000 pages of notifications?

Thanks to the staff for your consideration,

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