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Here it goes, a great idea which might have been discussed already

Right now, the forum is great to meet new people, to talk about everything.
The thing is, i want to talk to already known people which may or may not visit the forum daily, which also may or may not follow any topcis/sections/forums (they actually don;t follow anything unfortunately)

Now, the easiest way to meet with them and talk about anything (for example a motorcycle ride in the weekend) is as it follows:
- telephone
- email
- facebook
- the last option would be the forum

I want to make the forum the first option. Although me and my friends are all motorcycle passionates, it's only me that actually plans and discusses things over the forum. They could do that too, share their experience with others... etc.
The only thing that drives them away from writing on the forum is that they cannot invite their already known friends to talk over on the forum.

If i could create a topic, and invite them to the discussion (via email, or member names) i believe the forum could be a lot more popular than facebook, group email and stuff like that.

They could also get notified automatically whenever a new post is made in the topic they were invited. Also, they should have the ability to stop notifications from that topic from one link in the email they get.

What do you think?

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You already have that feature - check out the email icon here in the social icon list. Just click on the 'envelope' and it does everything for you.

tried it on myself - it works great but ... it only sends to one email address. would be great if we could have a 'pm' icon and then add mutliple user id that would auto fill as we type and then it would send a group pm

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I never ever used it. It;s on the bottom of the page, i don;t know all my friends emails, only if i open my gmail and check them. It's not easy to use at all.

I want to notify my friends right from the creation of the topic page, and select them just as invites to PM (even easier, to select from my friends list) and optionally to add one or two email addresses as well.
This way, members should be automatically notified by email that they have been invited to participate in the topic.

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so what you're saying is a feature that would allow you to select from your ipb 'friends' list, kind of like a check box next to the friend's user name, and then have it send a pm to all the checked?

This is exactly what I am looking for, for my forum. We changed over to IP Board from a very old and dated system. We had the ability to invite on the old forum, and it has been the most requested item since.

Is there any hook that could make this happen?

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