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IP.Board on GoDaddy Servers ?!?


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Since a year I am subscribed to shared web hosting at GoDaddy.com.
The IP Board is running under PHP on a Windows Server.
(Yes, I know... not an Apache server but I have an .NET web site)

Since a few weeks the IP Forum performance is abysmal.
Pages take forever to load (10-20 seconds) or even generate time out errors (30 secs)
Also when posting new messages or replies, the post backs never reach the browser again.

I contacted GoDaddy twice, but of course it can't be related to their server performance... right...

Does anyone of you also have a subscription at GoDaddy and what are your experiences?

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I had been using full IPB Suite with GoDaddy, and it sucks.

Recently my friend's account got suspended, and guess what, they suspended as it was using more than 128 MB RAM.

GoDaddy servers are slow and lot of problems, i wouldn't recommend to stay with them, shift to better providers.

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Unfortunately I just repaid for one more year so I'm stuck with it unless it even gets worse.
I came from Brinkster which was OK-ish but a lot more expensive.
If you/anyone have suggestions for other better ISPs, by all means don't hesitate to advice me.
I do need an Windows Server including MS SQL Server (not SQL Express)

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