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library hook data hook.

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This idea is simple(though very likely not in implementation) with large benefits to be netted in cross-accessibility/compatibility between hooks in dark crannies.
2 possible implementations I see. [*]Allow custom data hook locations to be... well... exported and imported with the hook. Apologies if this idea is way off a wall, is simple frustration with the lack of synergy between third-party mods as a result of some of the stickier places we have to be to get things done in the core... that and 48 hours up.

[*]Make dataHookLocations.php a class and libload them, thereby hookable(this would go app by app and thereby be of no benefit for a period of implementation, like reputation.php, which brings me to this topic(still not libloading that..... only 2 apps use it but we cannot even hook into those)).

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