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calling you directadmin fans, cron question

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first, having moved from whm/cpanel to directadmin I fail to see why this costs more than cpanel...but its free to me with my package so I will deal with it.

to run sphinx neatly (from default install if var/sphinx) I need to run the crons as root, on centos 6.2 crontab -e is just blank and when I try to add the crons to it I get format errors.
other server (centos 6.2 with cpanel install) worked fine like that.
cannot see why directadmin would affect crontab -e, cannot find any definitive info, so I am hesitant to mess with it w/o some advice.


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yeah but I saw threads saying doing it there caused issues so I was hesitant to do it w/o seeing if anyone else here had.
I was able to make crontab -e open with nano and was able to make it work....then I found out I had drives configured wrong about 20 min after I got it all set up LOL
reloading now.

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