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Inprovement of the Unapproved, Soft Deleted, Deleted system


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The 3.3 version came with a new system to Unapproved, Soft Deleted, Deleted posts

On my board, we feel this new inprovement like a (small) regression because the use we do with the approbation/validation system.

I explain :

  • on my board, we have ONE specific forum, where all the new messages have to be validate by the moderation team
  • but sometime, the validation process is not obvious and we appreciate with the old system, the possibility to directly hide the msg while leaving it in the original topic.
  • now, with the new system, we can't hide the post anymore. We only can "soft delete" it : the post is not on the orignal topic, but in a special "bin", on the Moderator Panel. We find this new system not ergonomic because once the post is deleted, it's not "easy" to see that is we deleted (we are not always navigate on the Moderator panel's bin !!!!)
  • the only alternative we found, is to Approve the post, and immediatly Hide it. With this way, the post is hidden inside the orignal topic
    The problem, is the notification system : subscribers members are recieving a mail (or notification) for a hidden post !

Can we imagine in a future release a new button called for example "Hide", to directly hide the post without moving it in the Moderator Panel's bin ?
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I think you may just have some settings wrong: make sure you have your board set so that your mods can SEE soft-deleted topics. When soft-deleted, topics and posts are not moved to a bin, they remain in place but are colored red.

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