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There are a few times were I would want a topic to appear in two different forums, like say you had an overall news forum and another forum that is for specifically for a project, I want to post the topic in the news and the project's forum for the users who don't frequently go to the news forum and well because it's related to the project.

Essentially it's like leaving a link to the new location for a topic after moving it, but instead of redirecting them to the new location it's accessible in both forums, while being able to keep the comments the same in both locations.

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Although not exactly what you want, there is a hook in the Marketplace that has the ability to copy topics, although once they are copied it will not update the other one to match it, its a straight copy.

(SOS32) Easy Topic Moderation

I don't want to keep the discussions separate from each other, the whole idea was to avoid from having 2 completely separate threads.
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