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Contributor Badge?


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Where can we set up the 'Contributor' Badge in our IPB Forums, like IPS' own Board (this one) has?

Users here get a 'Contributor' Badge, once they have submitted a file in IPS Marketplace (IP.Downloads)

Clicking this link takes one to the User's submitted downloads.
Example: Michael's Contributor badge

Is this a feature of the IP Board or a extra hook/modification?
I've looked everywhere for something like this, this would be really something that i'd need on my own board.

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It's just a custom profile field :smile:

It is?
well, this is interesting.
Any advice on creating something like that?
I mean if this is not automatic, it's still hugely useful. with a link to your files and even a file count via mouse over. impressive.
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It's a custom field as Charles said with some HTML that shows the badge and links to the search.

We then wrote a small custom task that recounts submissions each day and updates the value of this field (which defaults to 0) for everyone.

End result is - people with files have the badge, and people without files do not (since "empty" custom fields are not displayed by default in the skin).

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The task that runs is custom code - so technically the feature is not 'possible' out of the box (it requires a new task to be written).

However, if you wrote such a task, yes you could base it on the number of posts in a forum (or really anything you want) instead of the number of IP.Download submissions.

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