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Validating accounts problems and bugs


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Hello, :smile:

In my opinion there is a big problem with validating accounts in IPB 3.2.3.

=> It seems like there is a bug : if I validate accounts on the first page, then navigate to other pages and go back to the first page, accounts I've already validated still appear as not validated. Same thing when you delete accounts : I delete a few accounts on page 12, go to page 11, go back to page 12 and the deleted accounts still appear.

=> I don't notice accounts waiting for email change.

=> I'm losing a lot of time validating accounts wich can last 20 minutes instead of the 4/5 minutes before.
I've talked about it here :
Is it possible to have the same functionnalities as before (with IPB 3.1.4), regarding accounts validation ?
Especially :
- the possibility to only show accounts waiting for admin validation.
- showing more than 10 accounts on each page ?
so that we don't have to go through a dozen of pages to check the accounts according to their type (admin validation, user validation, email change).

Thank you. :smile:

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This is largely a tradeoff due to performance, I believe. It's caching the results for a given page so that it doesn't need to reload them from the server, however that's an issue in this specific scenario since the page results would change.

I imagine we could clear any such caches when an action such as validating or deleting occurs.

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Yes, I encounter this all the time. It's quite frustrating and the option to sort registrations by admin or user validation seems to have been removed. I use that function often. Why would an admin function be removed for what is supposed to be an upgrade?

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This is largely a tradeoff due to performance, I believe.

Hello ! :smile:

As for me, there was no performance problem in the past regarding validating members and showing all awaiting validation accounts...
Anyway, now, it's slower...
We also have this nice "effect" of a vanishing page when clicking on a button, etc. Is this effect a possible cause of performance problems ?

If this is the case, as for me, I don't need these effects in the ACP. I need a fast and easy to use ACP with plenty of functionnalities which make my work easier and faster (like it was before, speaking about the account validation system).

So, I need :
- ability to show only account awaiting email change validation (because now these accounts are a little lost in my 16 pages).
- ability to show only accounts awaiting admin validation or user validation,... and validate these accounts in one click.
well, efficient like it was before. :smile:

It's true that I check each account awaiting for email validation, but if there are certainly not many admins doing this, It was very easy and fast to do before. Now, I have between 50 and 150 account creations each day, and the new system makes things very difficult.post-16027-0-06592900-1320481701_thumb.p
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