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Special thanks to Jason, Andrew, and the rest of the IPS team!


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Over the past couple of weeks, I took up a couple of strange issues with IPS, and I wanted to give a special thanks to Jason Hanna and Andrew Millne, who stuck with me through the tickets I opened until everything was resolved. Jason logged onto my community to diagnose a problem with IP.Chat that several of my members were having, and Andrew wrote a custom script to fix all the "corrupted" smilies in my database (which came from this issue).

No copy-pasted answers, quick response times, and the sheer professionalism of it all - for a license that costs only $50 a year to renew, I really couldn't have asked for better support. Apologies if I might've come off as a bit... demanding when asking for new features here on the feedback forums (post revisions come to mind :tongue:), but I want you all at IPS to know that I greatly value your software and the service you back it up with.

I remember being very hesitant to lay $150 down on forum software back in April having come from the phpBB world; but I didn't hesitate to grab a second license a few days ago for a new site I just launched, now knowing first-hand that I'm paying not only for a beautiful software package, but also for a wonderful support team that always goes the extra mile when I need it most.

Thank you Jason, Andrew, and everyone else who's helped me out in my tickets and is part of this wonderful company. As long as you keep up your awesome service, I'll be more than happy to keep renewing my license to support the future development of your software. I look forward to continuing to build a lasting relationship with IPS. :smile:

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and I wanted to give a special thanks to Jason Hanna

I also can say the same
THANK YOU for the GREAT Support @ Jason !!!
He helped me by an selfconstructed failure...
Iam always very happy that i get help, when its needet,
and its fast in the answers to !

This wrote Jason to me after the done work/repair:

If it ain't broke bad enough, don't try to fix it or you will break it bad enough.

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