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A Big thanks to Gary!


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Would just like to point eyes over to Gary who has recently helped optimize my VPS for me.

The last couple of days the board has been running very sluggish, doing everything i know i couldn't make it any better so hunted around here for help.

Gary jumped in and got straight to work:

  • Optimizing mysql
  • Optimized apache
  • Installed mod_fcgi + some tweaks
  • reset some WHM settings and changed it over to advanced
  • installed x-cache + nginx and configured them to run together.

As i am running TeamSpeak on my VPS, i was having recent troubles with it. Even though he does not advertise support he was very happy to take a look through CFS and open a few ports which i had overlooked.

In the end, my original server load went down from 3.70-ish to as far as 0.01 :drool:
My page load times have gone from up to 20s to a very nice 4-5s (Australian internet here, its probably better with REAL internet)
mysql reports around 67% faster speeds.

In the end, if your anything like me and am completely lost in CPanel, this guy is awesome!
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