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Requests for Ip Chat


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1) One additional level of annual purchase. Currently at $39 for 50 users (free, 19, 39, 79) how about a $59 level for 100 users. I usually average about 30 - 40 users on our organzied chats. I went with 50 as the jump to 250 is a lot more money and a lot more people. I would have purchased a 100 level for $59 and wonder if others would do the same. Not sure if it would increase revenue (from people like me) or decrese those that do the 250 but may only need 100. Just a suggestion.

have only just started using this module so excuse me if I am missing something.

2) Private chat opens in a tab. Be better if it opened in something that was floatable. (maybe a scalable window). My other chat program that I switched from allowed you to float any private chats so you could keep them to one side and still follow public chat.

3) Selectible font and font sizes and font colors for users. This would allow you to customize your chat lines - so that each person could select a color and or font. Colors at least would be nice since the layout of ip chat is pretty basic.

4) The ability to title the chat window - I realize we are limited to one chat room, but the ability to title that room would be nice - so that you create a less sterile feel upon entering. "welcome to the XXXX room"

Thanks - love the speed, integration and ease of use of the module - have a few glitches to work out but overall very very happy with it and would suggest that others using external modules should give ips chat a try (I switched from flashchat as it took up too many resources when we exceeded 30 people in chat).

Again excuse me if all those things are already available and I just have not found them yet.

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