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Download: Blue Button BBCode

I am Freddy G

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Not at this time sadly. I wanted to have it easy to change colors but I have no idea how php BBCodes work. (I think its possible that way)

If you wanted a red button you would have to change multiple colors to make it look nice. The blue button has four shades of blue in gradient form.

I will look into a php bbcode button so you can pick the color maybe have the tag like this? [button=red http://google.com]Google![/button] I usually have bad luck with php and ipb though just to let you know it might not work

Or I could also just submit multiple files with different colors, I will be like micheal with his mediatags except with buttons lol

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Hi Freddy, I was just getting to load up your blue buttons, but there are 3 folders that I'm not sure what to do with. One looks like just screen shots of how to load like you have in the read me file. But the other 2 folders (css and js) where do I load those? Or do I just load the bbcode file like the directions say and be done with it?


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