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PMs - the ability to re-add someone to a conversation


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Would be handy if we could get a person back into a conversation if they have left. Inviting the person back doesn't seem to have worked, it still shows him as "left the conversation".

This issue was prompted by one of our newsletter writers that obviously mistakenly deleted the PM, but now when I've updated new assignments he isn't getting the message because he isn't part of the conversation. At this point I'm going to have to start a new thread, just so I can update him, but it would be great if there was an easier way in the future of being able to re-add someone that left, that was part of the original conversation.

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Has this issue ever been resolved? Such a small fix it would be to provide a user message that they can't rejoin the conversation if the PM thread is deleted. 

I just had this happen with a staff member who accidentally deleted a very lengthy and involved PM with several staff members. It's hard to restart the thread. 

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