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Download: (SOS31) URL Shortener Popup

Adriano Faria

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I downloaded and installed this but don't see in the control panel where you edit the hook nor can I see on the board where you use it. Is it automatic or is there a button to push? Can you explain how it works exactly...

***Ok I found it on the board. Nice app :)

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I was wondering if there are plans to use bit.ly custom domain's. Bit.ly now allows you to host your own custom domain name free of charge. It would be nice to just input your api key via the admin cp but I don't think its coded for this. API Documentation via JSON

Also if I wanted to add it would I just add it in the api's folder with a api.php and conf.php file?

The guy who likes to do hard stuff

EDIT: I did it!

What do you think of this api lol

<?php /** * Product Title: (SOS31) URL Shortener Popup * Product Version: 1.1.0 * Author: Adriano Faria * Website: SOS Invision * Website URL: http://forum.sosinvision.com.br/ * Email: administracao@sosinvision.com.br */ /* Class name must match shortener directory name */ class AlwaysG extends urlShorten { private $_config = array(); public $errors = array(); /** * Method constructor * * If you pass false as the key, it will not save out the imported GUIDs * @access public * @return void * */ public function __construct( $config=array() ) { $this->_config = $config; } /** * Shorten URL * * @access public * @param string URL to shorten * @return array ( 'status' => [ok/failed], 'url' => [shortened url], 'method' => [api used], 'raw' => [any raw data] ) * Exception codes: */ public function apiShorten( $url ) { /* Query the service */ $response = file_get_contents( "http://api.bitly.com/v3/shorten?login=MYNAME". htmlspecialchars_decode('&') ."apiKey=R_MYNumber". htmlspecialchars_decode('&') ."longUrl=". $url ."". htmlspecialchars_decode('&') ."format=txt"); IPSDebug::fireBug('info', array( $response ) ); if ( &#33; $response ) { return array( 'status' => 'ok', 'url' => $response, 'method' => 'AlwaysG', 'raw' => $response ); } return array( 'status' => 'ok', 'url' => $response, 'method' => 'AlwaysG', 'raw' => $response ); } }

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