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Download: Toxic Gaming

NukeZilla v1

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File Name: Toxic Gaming
File Submitter: NukeZilla v1
File Submitted: 25 Mar 2011
File Updated: 10 Apr 2011
File Category: Skins


Will this is the first theme I ever made. It's simple but is does it's job. It's a gaming theme, all you have to do really is change the logo and the on/off button to match the site you got, and we will do that for you for free. on our site.

The theme is made of the original but fully changed and moved things around to look good. It also has facebook twitter and youtube buttons on it. You members will love it.

We also do custom themes really cheap so come and view us on http://nukezilla.ipbhost.com/ or http://xify.us or even my hosting site http://client.zillamyhost.com we offer full support on the theme and we will customize it more for you for free.

This theme comes with both images we made and the PSD we used to make the theme. The best thing is it's mainly css not just images like most themes

Thank you

Click here to download this file

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