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Download: Sort Active Users Alphabetically


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File Name: Sort Active Users Alphabetically
File Submitter: AtariAge
File Submitted: 23 Mar 2011
File Updated: 24 Mar 2011
File Category: Hooks and Plugins

This hook will sort your Active Users List (at the bottom of your forum index) alphabetically. By default the list is sorted by Last Click, which I don't find particular useful. If you want to skim the list of online users, it's much easier to parse when the names are all listed in alphabetical order.

Click here to download this file

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To update this for 3.2.3 simply change line 26 to:

    public function boardIndexTemplate($lastvisit="", $stats=array(), $cat_data=array(), $show_side_blocks=true, $side_blocks=array())[/CODE]

And line 44 to:

[CODE] return parent::boardIndexTemplate($lastvisit, $stats, $cat_data, $show_side_blocks, $side_blocks);

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