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Twitter and facebook signups and status updates


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The ability to sign up via twitter and facebook accounts is great. I have a number of people who have used the facility and become regular members. The problem that needs improvement is the residual automatic inclusion of status updates.

Nothing infuriates my members more than a random status update from a member who has recently signed up but not posted. Usually the comment is way off the subject matter of the site and no-one feels they know the person commenting well enough to be able to interact with them.

I still struggle to understand why people join twitter and facebook and then post their comments on here via those two sites. It doesn't make sense, if you join this forum then post on this forum. If you belong to either facebook or twitter then post your tit-bits on those sites. And if you do join a weather forum and are going to make tweets in the status log then for heavens sake make some of them weather related.

Our status area is being wrecked by these. Imagine a whole line down the side of them. It makes the site look junky ( messy ) ( scrappy ) (cheap )

This setting needs to have the ability for the admin to choose whether it kicks in automatically during twitter registration or not, rather than the current system of having to edit each user afterwards. I would much rather have a new member ask me how they turn on their status updates than risk upsetting regulars and having to manually turning it off.

If there is a setting I have missed, please let me know, otherwise, please include it in 3.2 :)

Thanks for listening.
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