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Download: Whispers 2 skin

Ajouz ♞

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I recently purchased it and loving it to bits. Though is it possible to select one colour for all users and disable the colour picker? I just want my board to be one coloured theme only.

yes it is possibile , I will add this future to the skin . and will PM you when it is ready .

Can I ask you to PM me as well when this is ready? I would love to do the same.

Or even more simply, can we set a default colour - ie. when members join originally, they see the standard colour scheme (ie. our project colour), but if they really want to they can change it.

In this second case, a wish list item would be a "default" button on the colour picker so that members can revert back to our colour scheme if they choose to play around, but then can't get back to the right shade (lower priority).

Many thanks for a great skin!! %7Boption%7D
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Hello all ,
I started today working on redisgning whispers for ipb32 version ,
all currunt customers will got 3.2 version for free ,
I want to ask you if there is something you want me to add to the new version ,
for me I am palning to
1-remove background setting in admin panel , and add instead of it a small background switcher in the board , so users can change background also
2- setting to change the default color

I think it may be ready in two weeks
the currunt status you can see it in

thanks .

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