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  1. Featured Content for IPS 3.4.x

    Hi, This mod looks terrific and I can potentially see a place for it on a site I'm building, but what I'm specifically looking for at the moment is more low key - no images, just a block on the sidebar for "News", which will contain links to featured topics (as chosen by the mods/admin). It seems like this is the same idea as the slideshow, only static with no images. Does this mod allow you to do something more simple like that; ie. is there a "No images" option? Many thanks!
  2. Download: Whispers Skin

    The latest Whispers is looking BRILLIANT - subtle updates that make a huge difference. THANK YOU!! :flowers:
  3. Member Map

    Done! Thanks :)
  4. Member Map

    Hi, I have recently upgraded to IPB 3.3 and now I find that if I try to add a custom marker, the "Find Address" dialogue box when you try to add the address is completely blank, so when you hit 'search' (which is all you can do), it gives you an error because, of course, you haven't entered an address. I haven't tried to add a custom marker for a while, so I don't know whether the error is something to do with 3.3 or with the recent Google updates (or if I'm just doing something wrong), but would love to hear from anyone that either is having the same problem (ie. can reproduce the error) or anyone that has a suggestion for how to fix it :smile: Thanks!! Claire
  5. Classifieds

    Hi, My apologies if this is the wrong place to ask this, but I'm looking for some kind of cataloguing application and I'm wondering if Classifieds could do the job. I'm looking to start a side project on my site to build a comprehensive catalogue of all of a particular musician's releases - including vinyl, cassette, CD, VHS, DVD, laserdisc, 8track, DAT, promo versions, special releases, compilations, singles, EPs, the works. The item count on this will actually run into the thousands, and every one will need details, photos, etc... It's a big project and will require input from a lot of sources, hence the appeal of something like this app, where many people can be submitting entries. These won't be for sale - they will be for information purposes only - and thus, the listings will never expire. So, not exactly what this mod is intended for, I know, but I'm wondering if you think it would still be the right way to go? I'm hoping that there is a way to rename the application if I go ahead with it, as Classifieds obviously would not apply in this case. (If what's really required here is a custom mod of the application, I'm happy to discuss payment for the customisation) Many thanks! :smile:
  6. Download: Whispers 2 skin

    Can I ask you to PM me as well when this is ready? I would love to do the same. Or even more simply, can we set a default colour - ie. when members join originally, they see the standard colour scheme (ie. our project colour), but if they really want to they can change it. In this second case, a wish list item would be a "default" button on the colour picker so that members can revert back to our colour scheme if they choose to play around, but then can't get back to the right shade (lower priority). Many thanks for a great skin!!