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IP.Board performance tunning

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I just moved my board from Windows 2003 Server to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server.

The new hardware has:
2x 1Tb SAS disk RAID1
1x 60Gb SSD disk

My Linux is installed on the raid system, and for now the SSD is not used.

Can anyone suggest a way to use the SSD to improve the perfomace of the IPB?

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Can you detail a bit? Move DB, as a whole to SSD? DB is not also Storage?

Correct, DB comes under storage but what I mean to say was move DB to SSD drive and keep other things on RAID.





I personally have never used SSD since I never needed one. Couple of articles suggest to use PostgreSQL and put Index on SSD.

PS Why Ubuntu? Just curious.
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No ideea, I had to choose between CentOS and ubuntu for my dedicated server. I have not touched a linux from 2004, and RedHat and Slackware were still very popular.

Now, I had no ideea what to choose, so I've read some articles on the net, and still not very clear. Then installed CentOS and ubuntu on my laptop and loved them both, but ubuntu seemed to do easier whatever I needed to do.

Actually I have no ideea what to choose and my provider has these options: openSUSE, Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS. After I asked some friends, they said CentOS. Benchmark were not very clear for a winner, so I narrowed down to ubuntu and CentOS.

I do not want to steal the topic, but since you asked, how should I choose between the four? For now, this server is only running my somehow large IP.Board. Can you give me some hints?

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I would suggest Debian/CentOS. I had tried Ubuntu but while updating kernel it crashed. Once it also crashed while updating php.

As far as CentOS and Debian goes, I would suggest to use the one which your are comfortable with. I just upgraded Debian Lenny to Squeeze on my VM and upgrade was smooth.

Both CentOS and Debian are good choices - so you won't go too wrong in either case.

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