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Team foruming idea

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One of my members came up with an interesting feature idea. I'm posting it here for Invision and everyone else to see:

This idea came zooming into my head as I saw your response in the Centerpoint Pole thread...

The initial thought was to rate him down, and I thought to myself "Minus 10 points for Slitherin House" from Harry Potter.

What if we had Houses, or Teams, based on Custom profile fields.

These teams could be awarded or deducted points by the moderators based on Outstanding Threads started, incredibly helpful posts, our contests, butthole surfer behavior, etc.

The main forum page could have running score that shows Team, points, hell.. even a running tally of how points were added or deducted. E.G. Teams Heights just lots 5 pnts due to asshat behavior, then have a link to the offending post.

Its a very silly idea. But it might hold people slightly more accountable if they know not only their personal rating could be marked down for being rude.

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