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  1. Nope, http://i.imgur.com/V9CCzPG.png doesn't embed, either. Just the broken image icon. It's not a problem with people not knowing how to do it. They've been doing it for years (the forum has been online for 15 years). It's just that suddenly IPS won't embed any images other than Flickr. I did some HTTP sniffing, and it looks like imgur is sending back a 403. I wonder if one of my users got my form banned from imgur for some reason.
  2. My users are having trouble where suddenly images from third-party URLs like Imagur are no longer working. There's just the broken image box. For some reason, pictures from Flickr are OK. But nothing else. For example: http://imgur.com/gallery/Evxvt Any thoughts?
  3. It does not in my installation, upgraded by IPS just this week.
  4. It would be nice if numbers, like post tallies and such, were run through number_format() so that they look correct. It's OK to just push out the raw number when your forum has 11 or 15 posts. But when you get to 583,382, the commas (or whatever your particular geography uses) are essential. The bonus is that number_format() automatically changes based on server location (assuming it was set up correctly), so IPS doesn't have to bother parsing commas versus periods or parenthesis.
  5. I installed this plug-in years ago and it was very successful in bringing in revenue for the forum, but after a while people stopped renewing their subscriptions and stopped signing up for new ones. A user contacted me about this and I found out why -- There is no place for anyone to sign up for a new subscription. When someone clicks the "Purchase Subscription" link, it just shows them their current subscription status, but does not have a button allowing them to purchase a new subscription. Is this a known bug? I tried searching through this thread, but couldn't find a similar problem or solution. Suggestions are appreciated.
  6. It's an unnecessary nuisance. Good software works for the users, not the other way around.
  7. Two thoughts: [*]Just try to enforce this. Go ahead. My server is in Pittsburgh. My company is in Seattle. I have many visitors from the EU. So I'll just sit back here and wait for the Interpol police to show up on my doorstep and give me and several tens of thousands of other webmasters a free trip to Europe for trial. You think the EU's prisons are crowded now? Wait until Brussels tries to lock up the owners of every server on the internet. [*]There's a law in my country (The Free State of Underpantsia) that states that every E.U. bureaucrat must pay me a €100 per year Breathing Tax. I know they're not based in my country, and I have no jurisdiction over there, but just as you seem to think that the EU can enforce their arbitrary laws on this side of the ocean, I'll do the same to them. [*]I'll shut down my .co.uk, .at, .de, and .es web sites before I'll comply with the laws of a foreign country on my own soil.
  8. Thanks! I wouldn't have put that together as the solution I was looking for.
  9. We used to be able to change a thread title from a list of threads by clicking on the thread title and making the change. Now you have to click a gear on the right and select that function, which is an extra step but not terrible. We should be able to change a thread title in a similar fashion from inside the thread. Right now to change a thread title we have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page (50 posts on my forum) and then find the gear, then choose the option, then go to a whole new screen to make the change. It would be great if we could just click on the title like we used to, or if a gear would pop up and allow us to edit it in-place like we do with thread lists.
  10. It would be nice if Invision Board would have a plug-in or something to allow us to use the Solve Media CAPTCHA solution. With forum owners looking for new ways to monetize their properties, this is something that I think a lot of people would use. I might even allow non-registered users to post. For those who don't like the Solve Media option, maybe have a plug-in for Akismet verification instead. Both Akismet and Solve Media exist as plug-ins for WordPress and other platforms, so it appears they're designed with plug-ins in mind.
  11. Haven't upgraded to 3.3 yet (I'm waiting for 3.3.1), but when I upgraded from 2.x to 3.0, my pageviews, visitors, and revenue were cut in half. Does that count?
  12. While a lot of people appreciate the increased speed and flexibility of AJAX, sometimes it's not always the best solution. I would like the option to disable AJAX posting. I'm OK with people using the quote and multi-quote buttons to put stuff in the Reply box, and most of the other AJAX tricks. But when they actually Send their reply, I'd like the system to reload the entire page the way it did in previous versions (3.2, and before I believe) instead of just adding the comment to the bottom. Is there a way to make this an option?
  13. With the way employers are getting crazy with internet background searches of prospective employees, it might be useful to have a feature in Invision Board that allows users, moderators, or administrators to erase a person's name history. For example, it's not unusual for someone to sign on to a forum using their real name. Somewhere along the line they change their user name. Through the use of the "Display Name History" link in a user's profile, it is possible to link a person's comments made under a pseudonym with their original real name. It would be great if administrators could enable/disable this link in the user profile page on a per-user basis. But system-wide is OK, too.
  14. I second the Google Checkout suggestion. Same rates as PayPal. It doesn't accept transactions from as many countries, but has a few bells and whistles that are nice. I offer both.
  15. Adding a quickie registration form in the reply area is a fantastic idea. I can't believe I didn't think of that sooner. And then complain about it. :P
  16. I can't stand the mouseover preview, but my users love it. It's their #1 most requested feature.
  17. One of my members came up with an interesting feature idea. I'm posting it here for Invision and everyone else to see:
  18. [quote name='TomRigg' timestamp='1290214048'] Understandable, however, how many of your customers are outside the USA? I'm in the UK, we do not have a thanksgiving holiday here. Likewise, most other countries outside of the USA don't either. Actually, many countries in the world have a holiday set aside for giving thanks. I looked it up last year and there were dozens and dozens of countries that had a Thanksgiving holiday. If the U.K. doesn't have one, that makes it sad and unusual. Google is your friend.
  19. Doesn't seem to work if you try to put Javascript in it. It either shows some extraneous code and then the Javascript, or the Javascript fails to execute at all and just displays a portion of text. Yes, I added the Javascript using the HTML edit function.
  20. Thirded. I'm surprised this isn't already in there. As much as I like the extra ad revenue from people clicking back to the forum to unsubscribe, I'd rather not annoy people. Also, one would think that an unsubscribe link would be required under the CANSPAM act. But I'm not a lawyer.
  21. You also have analogical issues, and flatter yourself to compare the complexity of a BBS like Invision with an operating system like Windows. Regardless, I'm sorry if I came off as brusque. The only times I ever visit this forum is when something has gone horribly wrong with my forum, so I tend to be a little cranky by the time I'm surfing around this forum trying to find solutions to my issues. My latest fiasco is when I upgraded from 3.0.1 to 3.0.2 today and now my users can't post messages without getting error alerts, the menus don't work right, and parts of the ACP are disabled (see as-yet-unanswered tickets 596738 and 596753) so I'm a little grouchy. Especially when I suspect it's some kind of javascript issue, but your software prohibits searching for the word "javascript." Glad I don't run a developers' forum.
  22. Mac OS X 10.5.9 Snow Leopard uses FEWER resources than Mac OS X 10.5.8 Leopard. Ditto for a couple of other version of the operating system. I don't think telling your customers that "Windows is fat and bloated, so we can be, too" is exactly what they want to hear. "It's how computers and software work" is not entirely true. Look at how Firefox, Safari, Opera, and other pieces of software get faster, smaller, or both with each iteration. Even Windows7 is supposed to be less of a pig than Vista. There goes your Microsoft alibi.
  23. The new Lo-fi version of IPB is much better than the old one. It's great that we can now log in and post messages. But since we can log in, it makes sense that there should be a way to view new posts as well so we can catch up on things directly instead of browsing through the whole forum.
  24. So, is it safe to upgrade to this version? In another thread I was told that I was a fool for upgrading from 2.3.6 to 3.0.0 because all software has bugs in it and always will and that will never change and bugs are a fact of life. So, is 3.0.1 the safe version to upgrade to, or should I wait for 3.0.2, or 3.0.3? Any idea when those will be out? /sarcasm
  25. In 2.3.6, it was possible to view a user's profile through a link in the Manage Members section of the ACP. It would open in a new window so you could look at the member's most recent posts and topics. This was useful for helping determine if new users were spammers or not. This functionality has been removed in 3.0.0. Now in order to view a member's posts and topics one has to open another browser window in the regular forum and do a second search. It would be nice to either have a tab added that shows the recent posts/topics, or a link which allows such a search from the ACP.
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