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Skin suggestion: Make better use of space in "users logged in area"


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Hi, in the standard IP.Board-design there is a lot of unecessary space to the right of the names of logged in users, todays birthdays etc. how about improving it a little?

Make the stats float to the right or move it back down like it was in the original. Or you could for example move "todays birthdays", "calendar events" etc. to the right section together with the stats or just make the stat-box float so the left area will expand to the right when it can. That way it would be like today on small forums but would make use of the extra space available further down so the list wouldn't take up so much height-space.

Here's an image of todays situation when many members online:

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I totally agree. It extends the page a lot further than needed. I don't know what it was like but I don't think they want to make it look like how vBulletin is set up even if it is a better set up. They seem to want their own look and feel when it's illogical (in my eyes).

So yeah, better use of that space for bigger boards (I have mine set to 5 minutes and my list still looks like the user above from 2PM-10PM CST) so that way there is less scrolling. Too much "white" space...

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