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Update "Packets", rather than uploading everything?


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Whilst I love that you guys provide regular updates, uploading the entire set of board files and other apps (and in turn overwriting some custom file edits) can be quite labour intensive. Would it be possible to provide smaller, more focused packet updates that just contain the updated files?

I'm sure this will have come up in the past, but I couldn't find a similar recent discussion using the search so just thought I'd bring it up.

Maybe it's technically a "no go" with the current framework, but wanted to mention it in case it has any legs?

Shaun :D

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It has been brought up before. The issues are usually due to the fact that each version update involves editing most of the files for one reason or another, especially the version number stuff at the top so that the version checker tool in the ACP can work properly. For the amount of files that don't change compared to those that are, there wouldn't be a whole lot of time savings to just including those updated files.

If you upload everything at once using an FTP program, it typically wouldn't take any longer than 10 minutes to upload all of the files even if you had extra apps to upload too, that's not really a lot of time lost there.

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