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HORRIBLE ticket response time


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My critical site down support ticket for my hosted community remains unanswered 24+ hours later. My standard support ticket remains unanswered 36 hours later.

PLEASE, PLEASE hire more support techs for your hosted communities. What you're doing now is not cutting it.

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The delay in getting your site online was caused by the confusing setup requested, plus the fact that your DNS was not set up properly at the registrar level and that replies were spread across four different tickets. We had your main community online as soon as the DNS was set up properly, and your primary alias was set up within a few hours. Only one DNS-level alias remained to be added this morning, which is now done.

Most hosting emergency tickets are handled within minutes, even on a weekend, as they are emailed to the appropriate staff immediately. However your ticket seems to have fallen through the cracks, due to the confusion.

Please let us know via the support system if you're still experiencing issues.

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