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Change in how subforums show


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Few things id like to see change about the subforum views is

a) When looking at the forum, you can choose to have subforums viewable or hidden from the main view. I can only find a way to turn this on/off globally. Would be nice to have an option that allowed us to do it on a forum to forum basis. As sometiems there are areas you would like subforums to be visible, and other areas where you wish them to be hidden

b) Like a, something similar for redirect links. For me i have a particular forum, that i have a redirect link added. That i wish to have visible on the forum view. But the other subforums inside there i wish to have hidden.

Example 1: All subforums/redirects shown

Example 2: Selected subforums/redirects shown

c) When selecting a forum to see, the list of subforums IMO is an eye sore, as they are bulky tables for nothing more than a subforum link. Something a little more conservative would be nice. So that if you have an area with say 20 subforums to it then the page isnt an arms length long.

Example 1: Standard view of subforums within a forum

Example 2: A not so bulky and taking up so much space view of subforums when your in the forum menu itself, also a lil more user friendly if you have multiple subforums

Chucked it together, but you can go all the way accross. Even allow space for descriptions. But that way you are eliminating a lot of wasted space

Btw if any of these things are in IPB already, then i do appologise, but i cant seem to find them

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I would certainly love to see this change as well, without having to take the line out of the script. I would like to be able to make my subforums invisible on the index page. Has there been any progress done here?

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