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  1. Have you inserted anything into the coding to protect from CSRF attacks? If not, please PM with instructions, as I am being attacked through this app as we speak.
  2. Please tell me what the query is to run in mysql. I am definitely interested in that. Also (because I'm needy, I guess), is there a way to allow a member of ANY group to have access to read and write in ALL social group forums? I can't seem to find why my social group members cannot post in any but their own groups (these were only meant to be mutually exclusive in terms of membership to a group, not being able to read and post). Is it within the forums permissions, and I'm just missing it?
  3. To be more clear, I've mentioned the author block that displays the user's username, avatar, member group, location, and whatever other custom profile fields you let express. I would rather have the Social Group displayed than the member group. I would also like the Community Stats to display the Social Group rather than the Member Group inside of their Profile. I'm wondering if this is possible without me editing the css and/or templates. On another note, is there a way to move multiple people into one Social Group at a time, or plans to make it so? Also, how do you delete an invite
  4. I would like the Social Group to display in someone's Profile and Avatar, rather than their (user)Group.
  5. I would certainly love to see this change as well, without having to take the line out of the script. I would like to be able to make my subforums invisible on the index page. Has there been any progress done here?
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