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Member portal VS Member List

Ajouz ♞

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Hello ,
I got many feedback from my forum members that they usually think that member tab and calander tab in primary nav is not interseting for them .
I would like to suggest to make this member tab more modern by using member portal instead of member list .
member portal maybe could be something like this .

Thanks .

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I like your idea in the screenshot. Reminds me a bit of the frontpage I'm working on using JomSocial.

Add a few links to see more members to list them all as the current default member list does and I'm sold.

To further enhance the idea, we could use it as a "Personalized User Entrance Page". Present the page after registration and/or after logging in. Or an admin option to do so, but always accessible via the link.

Present this after registration and include a [url=" Step After Registration on the page where you have guest message.

Present this after logging in and include information important to the end-user such as: your friends' status updates, content you follow, recent comments on your images & blog entries. & recent likes you've received, etc.

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