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One memberSync.php file per application


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I'm working on an app that requires additions to an existing (IP.Board) application's memberSync.php file, to add additional functionality for when members perform certain actions. I was thinking about this earlier today and it dawned on me that doing this could lead to the changes done to this file getting overwritten if/when the admin of the site running this app upgrades. Because these files are essentially made to be added to/changed as needed by the person running the site, I didn't think much of this. But of course, when those changes are made to this existing IP.Board file and then the board is upgraded, what's likely going to happen is that owner will upload the old unedited memberSync.php file over the edited one.

Would it possibly be something to look into for future versions where instead of there being a single /extensions/memberSync.php file, that instead each application has an /extensions/memberSync/ folder, where multiple plugin files could potentially be uploaded? That way, additional memberSync functionality could be added by adding new unique files, and thus they wouldn't be lost during an upgrade. When you'd need to do the memberSync functions, you could then instead of just looping through each app and looking for the one specific file, you loop through all (if any) files in each app's memberSync folders and look for the functions to execute.

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