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Multiple (echo?) of my site IP and local host.

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I posted this elsewhere but realize now it was probably in the wrong place so no answers there.

I am trying to learn how to operate a VPS, unmanaged. I have got it set up and running, with ioncube installed and my practice board works on it. However, when I view Online users it always shows 60-61, which is me and what looks like a loop or echo of my sites IP address and local host

I'm very newbie on setting up the network, and firewall of the site. Any insight on what is causing this in the online users?

In case it makes any difference, I have no domain associated with the site, I just go to it right now via IP address for learning.

Thanks for any help,

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I am assuming you installed the board into the default apache site? If that is the case it could be traffic not directed at your board directly but just intended for the new IP of your VPS. Any IP on the internet is pretty much under constant scan. Setup a new box and it doesn't take long for the scanning and traffic to start hitting it.

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