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Invision Peeps,
I posted a topic earlier regarding the modifying of invision using the hook system and one of the questions it occured to me I should be stating in here.

I think it would serve a massive purpose to invision to have a very very basic modification that doesnt really do much but goes through all the basics of putting together a new hook step by step within the resources area. I am sure there are people other than me that must be a little stuck in this area and it would serve us well, and not only that serve your company extremely well in enabling newbies to start programming for you system.

Something that does the following:

  1. Planning your new hook
  2. Modifying a skin template/CSS item through a hook
  3. Adding a new skin template/CSS item through a hook
  4. Adding a setting within the admin panel
  5. Adding a user setting
  6. Connect to a database and do basic query
  7. Package this up into a hook and export it

Now I appreciate this would take someone a good few hours to put together, but I cant emphisise enough just how much it could spur on your modification community. I appreciate that there are some things in there, but a real dummies guide to give some people a kick start would really help. I am a .NET developer by trade who has not really coded any web stuff to any degree, and this sort of thing would give me the drive to learn more and more of my PHP skills as I would have somewhere to start. I would have something to lookup when I get stuck. At the moment I'm just struggling to get started in the first place and its demotivating. Please please guys help us to help you?
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There is actually an article to tell you about it, but I just typed up one to be more like an actual walk through beyond what is already shown.


It's not like what you are wanting, but hopefully it's enough to give you the working tools (knowledge) for being able to proceed on your own.

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