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How do you know there is a problem with indexes ?

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Hello ! :)

I sometimes have mysql reaching about 150% of CPU usage. I told myself this had perhaps something to do with indexes.

In the IPB ACP, there are tools to check if everything is ok with the database and the indexes.

When I ran these tools (database checker, database index checker in the "Support" tab) they told me everything was ok. But then I decided to use phpMyAdmin in order to check the tables and it told me I had duplicate indexes in my database. It was messages of this kind :

There are problems with the `ibf_attachments_type` table's indexes
The atype_extension and atype_extension_2 indexes seem identical and one of them could be deleted

So I got the duplicate indexes deleted, but in the end I'm not sure everything is ok with the indexes. Both the ACP tools and phpMyAdmin say it's ok, but is there another way to check the indexes very precisely ?

Thank you ! :)

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