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Download: 3.1 Stone - Skin by Dragonfly


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File Name: 3.1 Stone - Skin by Dragonfly
File Submitter: skinbydragonfly
File Submitted: 19 Jun 2010
File Updated: 19 Jun 2010
File Category: Skins

The SbyD Stone skin for 3.1 is a simpler style skin in eye soothing neutrals, with just enough graphical interest to create a stylish modern "Designer" look.

Neutral skins are an essential on forums, as they are just so comfortable to use for your members, Stone is one of our most popular skins, and is the default skin on a large number of sites due to it's stylish neutrality.

The split banner with the appearance of the stones tumbling over the banner onto the board looks great as is, or is a terrific platform for you to express yourself with your logo, or something appropriate to your site "popping" out of the banner! We can assist you with a fully customized banner to do just this, or if you have the skills you can use this great feature to your advantage.

If you are sick to death of blue and white, this great skin will give a stylish modern "designer" look to your forums without breaking the budget!

Stone skin comes complete with PSD's for the Banner, Team Icons and Avatars, so you can fully style your board to match!

Stone is compatible with ALL the IPS components:

  • IP Blogs
  • IP Gallery
  • IP Downloads
  • IP Subscription
  • IP Content
  • IP Tracker
  • IP Links
  • IP Shoutbox
  • IBPArcade Lite
We offer a FREE SERVICE to change the name on the banner to your forum name, and offer a full range of customization and graphical services to make your site even more unique and special! SbyD is a premium supplier of IPB Skins and services, and we have been in the business since 2003! Our forum is a warm friendly place and we would love to see you there!


Click here to download this file
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