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LKW, I think that Paypal doesn't work for russia. I want to do a donation also but the moneybookers.com looks scary. I've been googling it over the past few days and have found nothing but horror stories. I wonder if IPB would let me credit card purchase credit for Fisana's IPB subscriptions?

Fisana :( I have too many alarms going off in my head about the moneybookers site and their bad customer service. (strictly based off of internet reviews)

Note to downloaders, this is a free skin, this talk is just about the donation site
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1. 3.1 Image Set необходимо загрузить. New icons were added. I do not know why the import is not working on your forum.

2. I have the Paypal, but really, it works in one direction with Russia.
I have a dollar account in a bank, if you are afraid to transfer donations via monebookers, I can give details.

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Images import fails for me too. It creates the directory at {root}/public/style_images/black_sea with 0777 permissions. But the directory is empty. The same happens with your 'light' and 'ibr' style images. I've copied the files at style_images/master to style_images/black_sea, and then added your logo images to it. Then I've changed permissions to 0755 (or is 0777 necessary?)

I would paypal too. Thank You.

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Fixed issue with Facebook white screen
Board Index > hookFacebookActivity

<fb:activity site="" width="290" height="300" header="false" border_color="#FFF" colorscheme="light" />

Replace width

<fb:activity site="" width="290" height="300" header="false" border_color="#000" colorscheme="dark" />

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Hi Fisana, thank you. It wasn't a problem with the skin. It was the connection between the chair and the computer on my members end. They told me about the problem, so I dropped you a line here, then I started playing around and looking at things and realized what the problem was. Like I said, it had nothing to do with your skin. Sorry about that.

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Hey, I've installed and uninstalled twice now and can't get all the images to show up properly. I'm using everything up to date as far as Browser and PHP and even my board software. The buttons and the background don't seem to be showing up. Any ideas? Here is a screenshot:

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