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Availablity of new posts & unread posts options


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After sending in a support ticket to see if this was a possibility for me to use on my board, i was told it wasnt currently available and i could post it as a feature request

Basically im not a great lover of the whole "view new content" side of things, i would much prefer to be able to have this type of setup


That is from our old PHPBB board, and since switching quite a few of our members have been asking me if it was possible to have this on our new boards

The reply i got regarding this was

The specific functionality you are looking for does not exist as the link created for view new content is the same regardless of whether you have "unread posts" or "new posts" defined in your user settings. In other words the users setting is retrieved after the link is clicked and is not a function of the link itself.

You may wish to post this as a feature request on the community forums at http://community.invisionpower.com/ for inclusion in a future version. You can log in here using the same details as those you use for the client area.

Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

So basically what im requesting is the making of seperate links for the view new content buttons so that if someone wants to make a different system, they have the chance to do so

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