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I think i have in my sql/server a limit in connections for my sql database as when i search from my forum (5.000 topics) all moved topics i got a ips driver error that means that the connection lost/stop.

I think i have some server/limits for conneections.

Can you help me to adjust all limits to higher numbers as i have a very powerfull server and not many users online at a time (300)?

Total members about 65.000 and total posts 700.000.

My server:

# 2x Intel Xeon Quad 5405
# 12GB Ram
# 4 SAS Disks in Raid 10
# 1.000 Mbit port Unshared

my.cnf (i was use mysqltuner and sql primer scripts to adjust it):

max_connections = 200
table_cache = 1024
thread_cache_size = 4
key_buffer_size = 512M
query_cache_size = 128M
thread_cache_size = 32
join_buffer_size = 128K

Also recomend me any settings to allow more connections and users in my forum in general.

Thank you

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IP.Board uses only a few connections per page (max I see, in current build, is about 20). Even if you were to set your connection to a max of 50, it shouldn't have any problem.

You have uninstalled an Application/Mod/Hook that did not have an uninstall routine (meaning any table data was not removed), and your search is attempting to find something that no longer exists. Look at your sql logs, find the error from your search (best to delete the log, make another search and download the quick quickly).

Once you find the error, find the table in your SQL Toolbox area, and remove the table (make sure that you really are not using it anymore).

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