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Add to permission masks instead of override


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I've wondered about this for awhile. Why does it force the permission masks to override instead of making it an option?

It could come in handy to select other permission masks to add-on to a persons privileges instead of just simply overriding them.

So to keep compatibility, there should be an option that defaults to "Override" that an admin could set to "Add on" so that chosen permission masks could perform either function.

Something like...
Use the below permission masks to [Override|Add on to]
the users default permission masks.

Could also be handy if there's a button the admin could click to "copy" the persons current set of permissions (based on all their groups), so if the admin wants to override and then remove a permission mask or two, then they don't have to remember all of the masks that the member should have.

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Using secondary groups doesn't bug me entirely too much, except when I'm moving someone to a group where I want that person to have limited access, then I wish the primary group could override any secondary groups/permissions.
([url=" this thread here)

But it's definitely irritating if I'm trying to grant someone access to an additional area of the board and I have to make sure I duplicate their existing permissions in addition to the new permissions.

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Oh you mean like Deny permission masks? I think we'd be going overboard there- it's forum software, not an operating system.

I just want the ability to "add to" their existing permissions, as opposed to only overriding them. In the other topic, want the primary member group to have the ability to deny all secondary groups (and 'overridden' permissions).

Not wanting this to be an Add/Override/Deny thing. Just be nice to not have to update their permission masks if their membergroup gets changed. If anything, that's all the more reason to have the option to "Add to" instead of override. What if the person gets promoted to a higher membergroup based on the amount of time (or number of posts or a paid subscription)? If that new group has additional permission masks, then I'd have to go and modify them manually. With the "add to", it would be automatic.
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With Nexus on the horizon and the ability to have permission masks added to a member, this request is actually a bit more important now.

As it is now, if a member has access to certain forums or other areas based on their member group, then to add a permission mask to them could potentially disrupt their access since the permission masks are override without the option to just be adding to their existing access.

So having options (override/add-to) would be really useful. Override should be the default option for compatibility when upgrading, but when a permission mask is being added to someones account, it should only use the override setting if there are existing masks already, otherwise it should switch to add-to.

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