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We're interested in creating an iPhone app for our community, like the Facebook app. Please don't suggest we use a mobile skin. That is not what we want.

Initially, we would like to just be able to post and view status updates, and when IPB 3.1.0 is released, add comments. Next we would like to add support for viewing and commenting on blogs, and viewing profiles.

Has anyone set up a simple implementation of this? Are there any iPhone developers around who would be interested in collaborating on this project which could benefit the whole community?

Does anyone know how to set up an RSS feed of status updates?

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We just joined the tapatalk network.. its pretty cool, and Sean that works on the coding is VERY active and helpful. I hope this takes off :)

Thanks Dean for a nice complient and yes we are excited to see IPB plugin stabilize and more feature to be added :cool:
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