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IPB 3.0.5 DOWN alot!


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We just upgraded from 2.3.6 to 3.0.5

After upgrade, IBF_Sessions table go corrupted A LOT. I changed ENGINE to MEMORY and innoDB, NO helps at all

Server hardware stays same before upgrade at Dual E5420+16G of ram +15K SAS X4 RAID10 (should be enough?)

when forum is 1500 people online, ibf_Sessions went dead and then brought down whole forum

We don;t even have heavy mod installed, only default recent topics + recent topics pulled from IP.Contents

It seems IPS has bugs on ibf_sessions and SQL structure?

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Why is this feedback ?

You cannot compare 2.3.6 and 3.x series, they are entirely different products (3.x is a total rewrite)

It could be that your MySQL server is crashing and causing the corruption of the sessions table and you may need to optimise the settings using a custom my.cnf file or it could be some other software (xcache, memcache,eaccelerator etc).

However, with so many users online at once then you should really raise a support ticket for IPS to investigate.

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IP.Board 3.0.5 has a completely new code base from 2.3.6. 2.3.6 was a mature piece of software that had gone through many iterations of resource improvements. When development started on IP.Board 3.0, IPS started from scratch and tried to take advantage of the PHP5 framework to write the software. There are naturally going to be places where improvement can be made as development continues.

If you're experiencing resource issues, it's always best to submit a ticket in your client center. There are many different server setups, and it's often the case where issues like this can be resolved easily enough with some small tweaks, but without having direct access to the board in question it is difficult to guess what those tweaks may be.

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