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Suggestion: Default last edited on stamp, post cache?


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I'm not sure if I just over looked this, or if its really not there.

Some times users go back and edit things, be it bad wording, saying something bad and tanking it back, or something else.
We have a "Show 'Edit by' line" that the user has to check off first. I feel this should always be on or have a group permissions settings.

Another thing that would be nice is post caching of recent edits for mods.
We don't need to keep them in the system for long maybe a days or something would work.

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Wow, I cant believe I over looked that.
Question about "time restriction".
I have some FAQ style topics that get edited every so often.
Does it go by the time it was posted or will updating the post reset the time restriction.
Example: If I set it for 10080min (7days). I edit it on the 7th day, will I be able to edit it the day after?

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