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Overall design is very good

Bryan Sammers

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Aah I see I hit the nerve here with this feedback. We europeans usually far more criticize work, we do not say "great job". But I had to say this thing about the design, the IPS team went the right way and I want it to stay on this road. Here I want to add one more great thing about the design - the less redundancy:

  • On this thread page the thread title is only displayed once, where it should be displayed. That's great! There is so much other forum software that puts the title first in the navigation bar, then writes the title multiple times below it and finally there where it is displayed here. That all needs vertical space and the reader. It's like having a watch with multiple displays of the time. One is enough - like here on IPS. Thanks for the good work to have accomplished this, IPS!
  • On the fast reply (okay, that is redundant with "Add Reply>Use Full Editor") the buttons are named "Post" and not one more time "Reply" again. Great! It's far better that way to actually name what you are doing and not use the "reply" word so much that you do not know if you get on a new page to advanced reply or actually doing the "posting". Goodl job IPS.
  • There is only one Reply button within the posts. Obviously why should there be more? Yeah, take a look at other forum software, there is "Reply", "Reply with Quote" etc.
  • That the fast reply editor is loaded once you click on it is nothing more than fantastic. Reduces load time while still having the full tools you need to reply.
  • The %7Boption%7D in the Full Text editor to show more about the bbcodes. Priceless!
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