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Skin reset tool


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I've thought this could do with a tweak, as although I've only had to use it myself a couple of times, it does not seem very intuitive compared to the 2.3.x version.

For new admins, it may be confusing as to what to select and where to say switch everyone using skin x to skin y, and I'll admit I've had a problem with it too, I ended up running a query (simply as I could be sure that was right), I did think I had found a bug but was not able to duplicate it again.

I do think it may be easier if it was split back into two tools as per 2.x, or perhaps just the wording should be adjusted to make it easier. :)

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I'll hijack this a bit and ask here. From the documentation I was led to believe that if I upgrade a skin, this is the tool to change all the current users using the old version of the skin to the new one. I basically selected the old skin in the right "Where They Use:" listbox, selected the new version in the "Reset For:" combobox and updated it for all the members. When I first did this for a skin, IPB reported I just updated X members, where X was basically ALL of our members. I'm quite sure everyone's not using the same skin. The next skin I upgraded and repeated the process, I got 0 members updated.

Which leads me to belive I did something wrong and simply changed everyone's skin to the first one I upgraded.

Can someone explain where I did my mistake and how to correctly replace everyone's old skin with the new version of the skin (which is in fact a seperate skin), since I have to repeat this process for some other skins? :)

IPB 3.0.5

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I still lack the knowledge of how to use the tool properly. I just want to move all members from one skin to another, and I end up moving my whole board to that skin, or something strange.

Could the wording be made simplified? Or someone just explain it right here?

Is the for blank for the new skin? Or the one your moving people from?

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