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Hust Human

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hello there
first I don't know if this is the right place of my topic . if it is no I am so sorry .
this is my first topic here . I wish it was a contribution but unluckily this is a question .if you can kindly answer them :huggles: :rolleyes:
I have a forum v2.3.5 first subscription was very easy there was no New registration email validation or things like that . but we noticed that some people posted about 250 post per day and most of them are adult content :wacko: .then we changed the subscription to New registration email validation and we Enabled Captcha? now they can't post directly in the forum :shifty: , but every day in the Admin CP I have about 170 members waiting for approval which makes some more work for me .

my question is : can I ban their IP so they will never have the chance to inscribe in the forum , or is there anothere solution to that?

my second question concerning Bulk mail , I noticed that it took a looooonnnng time to be sent as an example a bulk letter was sent to 434 members took 7443 minutes .
is there a way to make it faster

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If you renew your license, you can upgrade to 2.3.6 or 3.0.5, both of which use reCaptcha instead of the default CAPTCHA, which makes it much harder for spammers to register.

I'm not sure about the second question, however. Sorry.

thank you for your reply
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In the ACP you can block IP's, email domains and email addresses. For example I block all gmail email email addresses since half of them are bogus registrations. I also block IP's that keep reoccurring in new registrations.

What sort of hosting do you have? My dedicated server can send out an email to all 14,000 members in about 8 hours.

You should upgrade to version 3 and get the spam monitoring service. At the very least upgrade to 2.3.6.


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